Earth Time

Behlargel-Flug Hotel - An extradimensional pocket realm spawned from a wizard's epic mental unraveling. With a fetish for the number 5, this constantly morphing labyrinth houses rooms that range from endless rainstorms to sentient infernos. Its staff, including a cryptic concierge and a spectral chambermaid, manipulate emotions, time, and nightmares. As guests navigate through shifting hallways, they encounter existential echoes, wrestle with elemental terrors, and grapple with ethical enigmas. Meanwhile, the very hotel gazes back, a sentient amalgam of fractured minds and cosmic dimensions, a surrealist battleground where the insane meets the impossible.

First Post

Hello, I postponed making CSS for now. I just took the Zoids theme from ThemeKings, it's my favorite color. I just want to plan out the website first before actually making my own styles. Take this thing for a joyride of what I might actually use it for. Slowly, I'll be patching up the Zoids theme and making it my own with art and other stuff.

Site is under HEAVY Maintenance. Not sure why I didn't do everything on my own editor first actually.


This is a cool little quiz that I like to give to people.

Sanae Test
Dirst Fay of Codign!

Day 1:
Entered the hotel today. A place of infinite absurdity and paradox. Illogical architecture, twisting corridors. A sense of unease lingers like a shadow. Are these real walls? Why do the rooms shift?

Jour 2:
La porte, it moved! I saw the door shift before my eyes. Something is wrong. Qu'est-ce que c'est? Lost. Stuck. Je ne peux pas partir.

Tag 5:
The rooms taunt me, reflecting my fears. Shadows whisper, secrets in every echo. Est-ce que je suis seul ici? Who is that figure in the mirror?

Dia 10:
I've seen it all now. Rain inside, fire that doesn't burn. Fivefold illusions. I can't trust my senses. ¿Dónde estoy? Mis pensamientos, son confusos.

اليوم 23:
مستنفذ. يبدو أن الزمن لا ينتهي هنا. الباب لا يؤدي إلى مكان معروف. لا مفر. سأظل هنا للأبد؟

Day 42:
Desperation grows. Faces in the walls. Echoes of anguish. Le chiffre cinq hante mes rêves. Whispers in tongues unknown. I can't keep my thoughts straight.

Giorno 59:
Sono stanco. I manifesti di fuoco, le allucinazioni di acqua. Questo posto riflette le paure nascoste. Sono intrappolato in un labirinto di pazzi.

Μέρα 66:
Δεν υπάρχει λογική. Το ξεχασμένο παρελθόν επανεμφανίζεται. Αισθάνομαι μοναξιά. Τι συμβαίνει;

Jour 73:
Je ne peux plus discerner la réalité. Le chiffre 5 me hante. Tous les sens m'abandonnent. Suis-je encore moi? ความมืดเข้มแสงส่องไปมา

Day 86:
The hotel whispers madness. Miedos en cada esquina. Numărul cinci bântuie. Mein Verstand ist zerrüttet. Czy to jest rzeczywistość?

Dia 99:
Não há saída. O número cinco me consome. As vozes nunca param. Quem sou eu? Já não sei.

Last Entry:
No more time. The hotel devours sanity. Numărul cinci... Numărul cinci... Numărul...çok yorgunum... e molto buio...